LP2PKM: Efforts to Encourage UB Students’ Creativities

As an effort to introduce and train the ability to write for the Student Creativity Program (PKM) proposals for new students in 2023, the Directorate of Student Affairs at Brawijaya University (UB) is holding a Student Creativity Program Proposal Writing Competition (LP2PKM). The activity was held on Saturday (17/2) in E Building, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UB.

The agenda carried out was the Final Presentation of LP2PKM students class of 2023. Previously, a proposal collection stage had been carried out for all participants from all faculties in UB. All submitted proposals are then selected and will advance to the preliminary round. After that, it will continue to select those who will enter the final round this time.

A total of 420 proposals from all faculties were entered in the preliminary round. From the preliminary round, 285 teams entered the final round. At the end of the activity, awards will be given to the winners.

“This LP2PKM activity is aimed at increasing the creativity of UB students to take part in PKM for Higher Education (Dikti). The hope is that it will be able to strengthen any proposals that will be suitable to be submitted for funding from the Directorate of Higher Education. For those who win first place in each scheme for each class, they will get a golden ticket to take part in the funding selection from Dikti in 2024,” explained Inggita as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Faculty of Health Sciences (Fikes) UB.

“Reviewers from all faculties work optimally to assess and sort the work of students who have entered. The initial selection round involved 61 reviewers. “In the final round, the Directorate of Student Affairs involved 31 reviewers spread across 19 classes,” added Inggita. [pon/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]