Passing Independent Selection, The Candidate of FISIP UB New Student Pledges to Walk 10 KM

Independent Selection of Universitas Brawijaya was announced on July 15, 2023. The success of getting into UB made Muhammad Rafi Pratama choose to carry out his vow to walk 10 KM.

Rafi, as he is affectionately called, was successfully accepted into the Department of Communication Science through the independent report card. This success pleased him. Even during the announcement, he immediately prostrated himself in gratitude even though he was with his friend in a place.

“Because I was very happy, I immediately prostrated myself in gratitude even though it was in a crowded place,” he said, Monday (17/7/2023).

After the prostration of gratitude, he remembered that he had a vow to walk if he succeeded in passing the Independent Selection.

“I vowed to walk from FISIP to my house in Sawojajar area. The distance is about 10 KM,” said the alumni of SMA 10 Malang.

Rafi admitted that he was inspired by his mother’s brother to carry out this vow. “Before UTBK, my older sister, my mother, once told me that I vowed to walk from UB to my house. I was inspired to do the same,” he said.

Rafi’s success in passing UB independent selection seems to make up for his failure to enter UB Department of Communication Science through the SNBT route.

“In the past, I chose Communication Studies in SNBT, now it’s still Communication Science during the Independent selection. I chose this department after asking my mother, looking for references on websites and YouTube and determined to choose Communication Studies,” he continued.

Rafi completed his walking vows for 2 hours. He started walking around 09.00 WIB and arrived at his house around 11.00 WIB. He was not alone in completing this vow. He was accompanied by his two best friends, Bima and Zidan. (FISIP PR/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)