Workshop on the Development Stage of the School Literacy Movement at the Lentera Pengharapan Christian Elementary School, YBPK Malang

Lentera Pengharapan Christian Elementary School YBPK (SDKr YBPK) Ngaglik, Malang is one of the elementary schools which is a place of learning for children, especially those from the Sukun District, Malang City. Based on the results of observations in 2019, the literacy level of these school students is categorized as early literacy. These conditions prompted the Community Service Team of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) to convey the socialization of the National Literacy Movement launched by the government, provide training and assistance for teachers in reading habitual stages, and procure reading books, Indonesian language textbooks, and literacy themed posters. The procurement activity is aimed at providing a physical environment that supports the literacy movement at SDKr Lentera Pengharapan YBPK.

In a discussion with the Community Service Team of FCS UB, the head of SDKr YBPK Ngaglik said that the 15 minutes reading activity per day, which was initiated in 2019, is still ongoing today. Furthermore, this reading activity is expected to provide a forum and skills for students to respond to reading, for example by retelling the contents of the reading orally or in writing.

In 2020, the Community Service Team of FCS UB will focus their attention on the development stage which aims to maintain interest in reading and reading activities, as well as improve reading fluency and understanding of students.

On Thursday, (8/6/2020), the Community Service Team of FCS UB consisting of Aris Siswanti, S.S, M.Pd., Eni Maharsi, M.A., and Melania Shinta Harendika, M.A., conducted a workshop related to the development of the literacy movement as a continuation of the habituation stage that has been carried out by the service team in 2019. In this workshop, they discussed with the teacher about what the teacher had done during the habituation stage, the obstacles that arose, and how to overcome them.

In this workshop, they also presented several ways of developing literacy movements through joint reading, guided reading, and interactive reading programs. They also assisted in the form of literacy love boards that will be used in reading activities to increase student motivation in reading and responding to reading material.

Community Service Team of FCS UB plans to come back to the school to meet students who cannot participate in online learning activities. Furthermore, they will hand over assistance to the school in the form of large books, picture storybooks, and stationery to students. (dts)