Five FTP Students Offer Solution to the Lime Water Problem in Mulyosari

Photo of Filtration Equipment

Five students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB), namely Rachmad Pratama Fauzi, Chillyatun Nisa’, Rahma Khusnia, Ainur Rahma, and Aldi Indra Prambudi, offered a simple water filtration technology that processes residents’ well water so that it is suitable for consumption and does not endanger public health.

Through the lime water filtration program, the team lead by Rachmad Pratama Fauzi carried out outreach to Mulyosari residents to increase public understanding and education regarding the dangers and impacts of consuming lime water, using water wisely, introducing tools, making, maintaining and testing the filtered water.

The tool introduced is a simple water filtration technology that filters lime content with an active ingredient filter in it. This activity will later be competed in the Student Creativity Program (PKM) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2023.

Equipment Installation Photo

“We will provide four tools spread across Mulyosari, especially for wells with high lime content, hopefully these tools can be useful for Mulyosari residents to get water fit for consumption,” said Rachmad when delivering the socialization on making the tools.

For the sustainability of this program, Rachmad and his team collaborated with Karang Taruna Mulyosari as a partner and successor cadre for the lime water filtration program. This Karang Taruna has been provided with understanding through the outreach that has been carried out and monitoring and evaluation will be carried out regularly.

“Of course we really support this program, and will continue to monitor it until this program has a massive impact on the residents of Mulyosari,” said Linda as Chair of Karang Taruna Mulyosari Hamlet, Malang Regency.

Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang Regency geographically, Mulyosari Hamlet is surrounded by hills which have a lot of limestone rocks.

One of the environmental problems faced by all Mulyosari residents is the turbidity of well water due to the lime content in it. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)