Five Lecturers Achieve PWMI Award

Five Lecturers Win PWMI Award

The 2021 KMI XII event ends on Friday (11/19/2021). At the end of the agenda, the winners of all competitions that became part of the series were announced, including the PWMI (Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Assistance) Award.

Five selected lecturers received the PWMI Award. They are Novrizal Primayudha (Bandung National Institute of Technology), Nirmalasari Idha Wijaya (Hang Tuah University), Andi Liswahyuni ​​(Muhamamdiyah Sinjai University), Surya Sari Faradiba (Malang Islamic University), Edvi Gracia Ardani (Universitas Agung Podomoro).

The PWMI Award is an award and appreciation given to lecturers who assists student entrepreneurs from universities who are members of Indonesian Student Entrepreneurial Assistance (PWMI). PWMI Award assessment criteria include timely report according to the specified time and the contents of the report include product, customer, marketing, operational, financial, and entrepreneurial constraints.

As stated by Riris Emilia, PIC of PWMI Award, the selection stage begins with the accompanying lecturer filling out an online form every month according to the specified time and informed through the SIM-PKMI page. Then, the implementation of business that must be reported includes raw materials, tools, business teams, production, marketing, sales, as well as filling in the obstacles that occur and their solutions after discussing with the supervisor and or assistant lecturers.

The assistance lecturer submits the report on the mentoring/assistance carried out by the student. If the mentoring process does not run well, the supervisor can coordinate with the assistant lecturer so that the mentoring process runs well. If the assistant lecturer is judged to be unable to carry out the mentoring task in higher education properly, the Belmawa Directorate can appoint a new assistant lecturer based on the proposal of university leader. [siti-rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]