Library Class to Increase the Independence of Disabled Students

UPT Brawijaya University Library and the Subdirectorate of Disabled Services (SLD) held a Library Class event which aims to provide understanding and skills to students with disabilities in accessing digital information resources. This event will take place on November 10 2023 in Meeting Room 1 of UB Library Building, 1st Floor.

The main theme of this Library Class is “EduVPN UB, E-Resources, and the Use of AI in Writing Final Assignments and Research.” This event is part of UB Library’s efforts to provide full support to students with disabilities in pursuing academic success.

Zubaidah Ningsih AS., Ph.D, Head of the Disabled Services Subdirectorate (SLD), expressed her hope for the success of this event. “We hope that this Library Class can increase the independence of students with disabilities in searching for literature and references. “In this way, it is hoped that they can complete their coursework or final assignments more quickly,” said Zubaidah.

This event provides an in-depth understanding of EduVPN UB, a private virtual network service provided by Brawijaya University. With EduVPN UB, students can still access the E-Resources collection even if they are outside UB network, for example at home or in a boarding house. Participants are also invited to understand more about electronic resources (E-Resources) which can help in research and writing final assignments.

It should be noted that UPT UB Library has subscribed to E-Resources such as Proquest, IEEE, Science Direct, Springer etc. which value reaches 11 M. In addition, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the research process is also the main focus in this Library Class. With this AI, students will be greatly helped in finding references and compiling final assignments. This way the time required will be faster.

Library Class participants consist of disabled students from various faculties at UB. They enthusiastically participated in every presentation and direct practice session held by experts in their fields. Apart from gaining new knowledge, students with disabilities also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the resource person.

“Before taking part in this Library Class event, I didn’t know any information about applications and AI that could help me with my coursework and final assignments, how to search for journals. This event was really good, we got new knowledge and material,” said one of the Library Class participants, namely Faiz, a class of 2023 student from the Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Information Systems. Faiz is deaf, during the event he was assisted by a Sign Language Interpreter so he could still receive the material well.

With this Library Class, it is hoped that UB can continue to provide real support for students with disabilities in pursuing their academic success. Increasing independence in accessing information is the main key so that they can compete and excel in the educational and professional world. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)