Library Class for FISIP Sociology Students

UPT Brawijaya University Library held a Library Class event to increase information literacy and support students in writing their Final Assignments (TA). This event was attended by undergraduate students of Sociology who were entering the final stage of their studies in Meeting Room 1, UPT UB Library Building.

Speakers at this event include Ir. Hery Prayitno, Nur Subchan, S.Pd., Cuikitalia, SE., MM., Maria Desi Swista Dewi, S.Pd, S.Hum who are experts in their fields and have experience in education and the use of information technology.

For the beginner session, the material provided is “EduVPNUB”. This material covers how to install and use EduVPN UB. Edu VPN UB is a private virtual network provided by Brawijaya University so that students can still access the E-Resources collection subscribed to by the Library even though they are outside campus. So that UB students can still browse e-journals and e-books while at home, boarding house or cafe.

Other material is about E-Resources. Reminding that UPT UB Library has subscribed to E-Resources such as Proquest, IEEE, Science Direct, Springer and so on, which their values reaches 11 billion.

In the follow-up session, participants received material about using AI to search for references for final assignment (TA) writing.

In this session, students are invited to understand how important it is to utilize electronic resources in developing their Final Project. The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in reference searches is also a key focus, providing students with effective tools to explore relevant literature for their research. The AI taught in this session includes Mendeley, Perplexity, Publish or Perish, N Vivo and many others.

Through this Library Class event, UPT Brawijaya University Library not only provides new insights to undergraduate students in Sociology, but also opens the door to a deeper understanding of the use of technology and electronic resources in writing their final assignments. Hopefully similar activities can continue to be held to support the development of student information literacy in various faculties. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]