Library Class Help Students to Work on Their Thesis Faster

Brawijaya University Library is again holding Library Class, a regular program that has been running since 2022. Library Class is the mainstay program of Brawijaya University Central Library. Every year we always hold a Library Class with one of the aims being to provide sharing session facilities for lecturers and students.

Library Class is divided into 2 classes, namely a special class for Lecturers and Education Personnel and a special class for Students. The material provided also varies according to the needs of the academic community starting from EduVPN UB, e-Resources, Publish or Perish, Vos Viewer, Turnitin, Mendeley, Canva Optimization, Powerpoint and Word, and there is also the addition of new material for the next Library Class, namely nVivo and Rabbit Research.

At the beginning of October 2023, there will be 3 faculties taking part in the Library Class, namely the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Law. This event was held alternately in Meeting Room 1 and Meeting Room 2. The total number of participants was around 150 students. Faculty of Engineering students come from the Study Program: Regional and City Planning taught by Dr. Eng. Turniningtyas Ayu Rachmawati, ST., MT., Lecturer in Expertise: Disaster Management and Urban Settlements.

“Throughout my experience as a thesis supervisor, I can tell whether you are copying your senior’s thesis or not. Then I also often find theses that use theories that are so long ago, the book definitely no longer exists. “That’s why I invite you to UB Library so that you can learn from UB librarians how to write research and final assignments correctly and find reference sources effectively,” said the woman who is familiarly called Mrs. Tyas. Besides teaching, she currently also serves as Head of the Sub-Directorate of Planning at Brawijaya University, Expert Staff to the Vice Rector IV of Brawijaya University.

The current developments in AI in the field of education are very diverse and numerous, but it is important to remember that when applying AI in the field of education, the right approach is taken to get maximum results.

“The benefits of Research Tools can be used to help speed up searching for scientific articles, journals and other resources relevant to research topics, analyze data collected during the research process, search for research tabs, manage the list of references used in research, assist in the writing process. “Don’t be late in getting to know the development of technology and various tools so that the final assignment writing and research process is more efficient and effective,” said Pitoyo Widhi Atmoko, S.Si., M.Sc, one of UB Library librarians.

Meanwhile, students from the Faculty of Cultural Studies who took part in the Library Class came from the Language and Literature Study Program: English Literature, who were students of Fatimah, S.Pd., M.Appl.Ling, Secretary of the Department of Language and Literature. For this class, the person who provided the material was Ir. Heri Prayitno with the assistance of Cuikitalia.

The students who took part in the Library Class last October 2023 seemed enthusiastic about listening to all the material provided by UB Library librarians. For them, this is something new and has been sought after because it is a solution for preparing research and final projects efficiently and effectively.

So, for Library Friends who are currently working on their Final Assignment and research, it is very appropriate if you take the Library Class from UB Library. Please contact Ihwan (UB Library Public Relations) at number: 082233822410 for more complete information and registration. You can also request a special class to be held at a faculty with a minimum of 40 participants. What are you waiting for, take advantage of this good opportunity, immediately. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]