Initiating Indonesia Game Developer through IGDX KOMINFO Roadshow

Kominfo held the 2023 Indonesia Game Developer eXchange (IGDX) Roadshow in the FILKOM UB Algorithm Auditorium building, Saturday (22/7/2023) to attract students from all over Indonesia in the increasingly promising field of game development. It was recorded that around 130 participants attended the Algorithm Auditorium, from various universities in Malang.

Luat Sihombing, as Head of the Business Matchmaking Team of the Ministry of Communication and Information was present directly to give a speech.

“IGDX is an effort and becomes a forum to increase the capacity of domestic game industry players and encourage the local game industry to go global. So that the Indonesian game industry is increasing day by day, both in terms of producers and users,” Luat explained.

Remarks from Luat Sihombing

Luat also said that Indonesian games experienced significant growth from year to year. This growth is not only in terms of production scale, but also business scale. However, besides being a positive marker for the future of the local industry, this increase in scale also brings a number of new challenges. With a larger scale, competition in the global market is also getting tougher.

Besides Luat, remarks were also delivered by Dr. Eng. Ir. Herman Tolle, ST., MT. as the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs who represents FILKOM UB in welcoming Kominfo and participants who are present. The man who once made educational games expressed his hope that the IGDX seminar could provide valuable insights about the game development process, challenges in the industry, and the opportunities available.

“We are very happy that IGDX is present at FILKOM UB. The presenters certainly have invaluable knowledge and experience in the game industry, and we hope that our students will gain new insights about the world of game development,” said Herman.

Herman Tolle giving a speech to participants who attended IGDX 2023

This seminar features several keynote speakers who have contributed to the development of popular games, such as Riris Marpaung, a Founder & CEO of GameChanger Studio and Adib Thoriq as Founder & CEO of Algorocks who is also an alumni of FILKOM UB. The topics that will be discussed include the creative process of creating game concepts, game development for different platforms, level design, audio, to marketing strategies to attract audience attention.

“What is special about the game industry is that it is completely digital and not bound by territory, so that anyone can target anyone in the world. This causes many local developers to target foreign markets, resulting in competition for game quality,” said Riris.

This webinar also features an interactive question and answer session that allows students to interact directly with the speakers. This aims to provide an opportunity for students to ask about the experiences and views of experts who have been successful in the game industry. [drn/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]