Visiting IO UB, Lincoln University Offers Fully-Funded Scholarship from the New Zealand Government

Visit from Lincoln University, New Zealand to UPT International Academic Affairs UB

UPT International Academic Affairs (d.a. International Office) Brawijaya University (IAA-UB) received a visit from Lincoln University, New Zealand, Monday (22/1/2024). Representatives from the third oldest campus in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ country include Director of the International Office Annie Goh and Dean of the Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce Prof. Hugh R. Bigsby. Both of them are in UB to accompany several of their students who are currently undergoing a two-week visiting program at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

To the IAA UPT staff, Annie Goh conveyed that there were opportunities for further studies in New Zealand, especially at Lincoln University. Namely through the Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships. This scholarship from the New Zealand government provides financing for all study needs.

“This is a fully-funded scholarship. Starting from departure to return. There is even a budget allocation for reunions after graduation,” said Annie.

Furthermore, Annie said that the campus where she worked was one of the leading campuses among the eight universities in New Zealand. In fact, two study programs have achieved high rankings in world rankings.

“Our Tourism and Agriculture programs are in the Top 100 in the QS World Ranking. Make sure you name Lincoln University as your first choice on your scholarship application, and describe your contributions after graduation to issues related to climate change or sustainable development,” added Annie.

Regarding the study period, Prof. Bigsby said that the average study period for postgraduate studies is quite short compared to education systems in other countries. For the Master’s level, on average it takes 1-2 years to complete, while for the Doctora; degree it takes 3.5 years.

“Some time ago, there were Manaaki scholarship recipients from Zambia who could finish in 2.5 years. And there is no publication obligation from our campus,” added the Canadian-born man.

Further information about this scholarship can be seen from [Luqman/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]