KSR UB Wins the General Champion at the 2023 WEFACT, Bali


Brawijaya University students have made another achievement. This time, the Student Activity Unit (UKM) of Brawijaya University Voluntary Corps succeeded in winning five champions in the Warmadewa First Aid Competition. The competition, which was held in November 2023, was attended by KSR-PMI throughout Java and Bali.

In this competition, KSR UB sent four people as delegates in two competition categories, namely Moch. Tufail Gymnastiar from the Faculty of Vocational Sciences and Nurliza Prita Arifati from the Faculty of Health Sciences in team 1, and Aldannu Tata Seplian Wibowo from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and Putik Azzahra Ahdiatiani from the Faculty of Vocational Sciences. In this competition, KSR UB team won as General Champion, 3rd Place in First Aid Simulation, 1st and 2nd Place in Photography and Favorite Photography Champion.

The preparations carried out by KSR UB were quite short. Within one month, both teams practiced first aid skills. “The training includes wound dressing, splinting, condition assessment, BHD-RJP and evacuation of victims. Practicing together almost every day since there were so many kinds of injuries to the victims, the training focused on accuracy of treatment based on cases that usually occur in the field,” said Nova Putri Islam as the Head of Division I KSR UB.

According to Nova, the assessment carried out by the jury included accuracy of handling, techniques used and how to provide comfort to the victim. “During the competition, the committee prepares the condition of accident victims as closely as possible, including wounds and bruises. Then, participants are directed to carry out appropriate first aid techniques,” she explained.

“This achievement is a step taken by UKM KSR UB to be able to continue to make achievements in the field of red cross and continue to develop the abilities of its members in the field of volunteerism. We hope that we can continue to make efforts to increase the capacity of human resources in order to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings and spread goodness to others regardless of certain groups in accordance with the objectives of KSR UB organization in the social and humanitarian field,” concluded this student from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. [UB PR/ Trans.  Iir]