KPDI 14 Malang : Call for Papers

KPDI 14: Call for Papers

The National Library of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Digital Library Forum and Universitas Brawijaya held the 14th Indonesian Digital Library Conference in 2023 with the theme “Building the future through digital preservation of Indonesian local knowledge (culture, knowledge and learning)”

Indonesia has an abundant wealth of local knowledge. Don’t let this knowledge slip away! Convey your research results in KPDI 14, together we improve digital preservation of Indonesian local knowledge for a better future.

Submit your best paper immediately to KPDI 14!

Topic of Call For Papers :

▪️Digital preservation of old community culture (oral traditions of various regions, traditional objects).

▪️Digital preservation and transliteration of culture, Indonesian and regional literature, traditional games.

▪️Digital transformation of various cultural treasures and local Indonesian wisdom.

▪️Digital preservation of current society’s culture (written culture, print culture, history of the present, and so on)

Terms and Conditions :

▪️Paper Collection: May 4 – June 20, 2023

▪️Announcement of accepted papers: 30 June 2023

▪️The paper is written in Indonesian and typed according to the format/template.

▪️The paper template can be downloaded at:

▪️Paper sent to email address: with subject: “KPDI14_[Author’s Full Name]_[Selected topic number]”.

▪️Participants complete papers with a curriculum vitae and include contact numbers that can be contacted.

▪️Conference: 9-11 August 2023

Facilities for selected speakers:

▪️ Presenters are exempt from registration fees.

▪️ For each selected paper, accommodation is provided for 1 (one) person during the 14th KPDI Year 2023.

▪️Transportation costs are borne by each speaker.

▪️ Prizes are provided for selected CFPs:

Winner 1 = Rp. 2,500,000, Winner 2 = Rp. 1,500,000, Winner 3 = Rp. 1,000,000 and Favorite Presentation: Rp. 1,000,000


Contact Person :

RI National Library:

▪️Dian Utami – 0856-6249-671

▪️Safira – 0813-8201-5011

Universitas Brawijaya:

▪️Prayoga – 0857-4909-1448


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