Mangrove Conservation, UB Form Forest Farmer Group in Alasbuluh

Group 595 MMD UB in Alasbuluh

Banyuwangi is an area with the widest mangroves in East Java. With an area of 1962,496 ha, mangroves in Banyuwangi have great potential, especially in Wongsorejo sub-district, both in the economic and tourism sectors. However, this potential is not accompanied by the level of knowledge and awareness of coastal communities.

This is the background of the 595 Students Build Villages (MMD) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) group while in Alasbuluh. As a conservation effort, this group provided socialization on the importance of mangroves which was carried out at Bahrul Falah prayer room in Krajan 1 hamlet, Alasbuluh.

According to Almira Daffa as the Village Coordinator, this program focuses on environmental issues. “The aim is to raise awareness of Alasbuluh villagers who live near Alasbuluh beach about the existence of mangroves in their area,” he said.

Not only that. This group also formed a Forest Farmers Group consisting of Krajan 1 hamlet community from young to old. With the formation of the Forest Farmers Group, it is hoped that local residents will be able to spearhead changes in Alasbuluh mangrove ecosystem for the better. “Indeed forming a Forest Farmers Group is a must here. Several times I was offered assistance with mangrove seedlings but was confused who would manage them. With the formation of Alasbuluh Forest Farmers Group, it is hoped that they will later take full responsibility for the mangrove area here,” said Mai, as the Head of Krajan 1 Hamlet.

The socialization was closed by planting 100 mangrove seedlings in the coastal area of Labuan Jaya, Alasbuluh village. This activity was carried out with all residents of Karajan 1 hamlet consisting of children and adults. “The 100 mangrove seedlings that we planted are a form of seed assistance from Banyuwangi Maritime and Fisheries Service. In the future, if the reforestation of mangroves in Wongsorejo is going well, there will be additional seeds from the Fisheries and Marine Services,” said Almira. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]