Combining Hemp Oil and Soybean, UB Students Win Three YPIA Achievements

Shella Aurrelia and Faqih Mufidah

Another proud achievement was achieved by students of Universitas Brawijaya. At the end of last June, Shella Aurrelia from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Faqih Mufidah from the Faculty of Business Economics and Dimas Tri Atmojo from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology became UB’s representatives in Youthpreneur In Action. This competition was organized by Podomoro University on 22 July 2023.

At this event, Shella and her friends presented decorative products made from natural ingredients that are safe for health. Through Cresilience, the three of them concocted a combination of hemp oil, soybeans and other natural ingredients into bioepoxy resin which is used as lamp art.

Lamp Art Cresillience

Cresilience, according to Shella, uses natural ingredients. “This bioepoxy has a high fatty acid content and is non-volatile. The manufacture itself uses waste vegetable oil with epoxidation using hydrogen peroxide in acetic acid,” he said.

The raw materials for hemp and soybean oil were taken by Shella and her friends from farmers around Wagir, Malang Regency. “Because we carry the concept of eco-friendliness, BPA Free and sustainable, where the crafts we produce do not contain BPA so they are safe for human health. It also minimizes the risk of respiratory disease, cancer and death, if inhaled, “explained the 2020 class of Department of Nursing student.

Processing of biobased epoxy resins prepared from waste vegetable oils by epoxidation using hydrogen peroxide in acetic acid. Biobased epoxy resins are prepared by reacting acid hardeners such as citric acid (B1), tartaric acid (B2), succinic anhydride (B3) and sebacic acid (B4) with epoxy waste vegetable oils. The intrinsic viscosity ranges from 0.06 to 0.70 (dL/g) and is thermally stable up to 350oC. Thin film cast transparent solution except B4. The resin film is completely decomposed using bacterial granules (consisting of a bacterial consortium) within 14-135 days. As for the process of making lamp art, Shella said that it takes about 1 day and 1 night for each fruit.

This environmentally friendly resin product is also in great demand. “Until now, our products have sold around 300 pieces. Sales are through social media, because we implement a pre-order and custom system, making it easier to coordinate with buyers,” she explained.

Through Cresilience, the team guided by Ns. Akhiyan Hadi Susanto S.Kep., M.Biomed won 3 titles at the same time, namely 2nd Place, Most Like Product and Gold Medal in the Creative Industry sector. These three students succeeded in eliminating 400 participants from various countries, such as Portugal, India, the Philippines, Vietnam and others.

In accordance with the theme “The Engine of Growth and Development of the World”, the participants must present their business ideas in front of the jury. “Youthpreneur 2023 this time is very extraordinary because it aims to gather students around the world to be able to share their business innovation ideas, so that they can develop their ideas and inspire other young generations to contribute to creating solutions to problems that exist in the world with other new innovations” added Faqih Mufidah.

“We are very proud because we can bring the name of Universitas Brawijaya on the international stage through this competition, they also hope to continue to have the continuity of the business that has been running since last year,” he concluded. (VQ/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)