Collaboration of Three Faculties Presents Three Gold Medals on the International Stage

Collaboration between Ilham Ramadhan, Electrical Engineering students 2017 with Shofi Ramadhani (FKG ’17), Yushidayah Nur S (FK ’17), Irfa Inuuriza (FKG ’18), and Linda (FKG ’18) made the alma mater proud by winning three Gold Medals at three international conferences.

The first conference to be participated in was the Indonesian International Invention Festival (I3f) 2020, which was held by the Asosiasi Aksi Indonesia on 16-19 September 2020.

Furthermore, the International Invention & Innovative Competition (InIIC) Series 2/2020, held by Mediate Nexus and Nurture a Fast (MNNF) Network Malaysia, on October 30, 2020.

The third conference that was attended was the International Science and Invention Fair (ISIF), organized by the Indonesian Young Scientists Association (IYSA), on 6-9 November 2020.

All three are implemented virtually using the Zoom application. The events were attended by professors, doctors, lecturers, and experts from all over the world. This group is one of Indonesia’s representatives in the undergraduate student category.

This team brought a work entitled ALADIN (Dental Toolbox Sterilizer Plasma and Solar Cell Integrated towards Industrial Revolution 4.0) under the guidance of Eka Maulana, ST., MT., M.Eng.

ALADIN is a plasma system that is integrated with a solar cell which is used as a sterilizer for dental equipment.

Aladin has many advantages including the sterilization process 10 times faster than autoclave, low price, cleaner sterilization process, less energy required, and can be taken anywhere even to remote areas.

“We created ALADIN to improve the quality of sterilization equipment in the dentistry world, which is currently considered insufficient in reaching remote areas,” said Ilham.

Representing the team, he hopes that ALADIN can be mass produced and applied directly in Indonesia to improve the quality of dentistry services in Indonesia. (mic)