FTUB and FPIK Collaboration Won the National Unmanned Fast Boat Competition

The IMFISHER 3 team, a collaboration of students from the Faculty of Engineering UB (FTUB) and the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) won 1st place in the Re-Design Category Lay Out of the Ro-Ro Existing Passenger Accommodation Room at the 2020 National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (KKCTBN).

This was announced in the Decree of the Head of the National Achievement Center No. 2522/J3/KP/2020 which was issued on Saturday, 7 November 2020.

This team consists of Rafika Aulia Alim (Industrial Engineering 2017), M. Zikri Hasnur (Utilization of Fisheries Resources 2018), and Dian Tri Larasati (Utilization of Fisheries Resources 2019).

“For this competition, we have equipped the Ro-Ro ship so that it can prevent the transmission of Covid-19 on the ship,” said one team member, Dian.

He continued, the team redesigned the Ro-Ro ship with safety standards, health protocols, physical distancing, and maintained passenger capacity, and did not change the shape and size of the hull.

“The passenger seats on the ship are 300. To maintain distance, we add the deck. So that the number of passengers remains 300 so that the business does not lose. Besides, there are also additional doors that automatically open by stepping on the button underneath,” explained Dian.

The team also added bulkheads on the chairs. Because of that advantage, she thought that was a plus in their re-design. The team also added supporting facilities for preventing the spread of Covid-19 and changing the implementation of procedures (SOP) for various passenger activities.

For this achievement, Dian on behalf of her team hopes that the Covid pandemic can be overcome and this momentum can be a motivation to continue to develop, work, and be proud of the alma mater.

The KKCTBN itself is an annual activity of the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education and Culture in Indonesia. Taking an active role in handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the 2020 KKCTBN took the theme “Maritime Technology Innovation in Handling Covid-19”.

In 2020, the competition was held online and offline with the University of Muhammadiyah Malang as the host. Dian explained that her team members were not in one place during the final. They were in Malang, Jambi, and Jakarta.

“Alhamdullilah, we didn’t face any difficulty in the final. We can complement each other’s explanations to the jury,” she concluded. (Meg/mic)