Collaboration of Doctors Mengabdi UB – DIKTI Develops Two Villages with RAFI

Doktor Mengabdi (DM) Team for Tawangargo Village, Sumbersari Hamlet, UB Forest, invited three speakers from the Indonesian Resin Art Forum (RAFI) to provide training to two residents of UB’s assisted villages, Saturday, November 14, 2020.

Located in the LPPM UB building, youth organizations from Tawangargo Village, Sumbersari UB Forest Hamlet, and residents from Sidomulyo Village, Batu City, attended training on making handicraft using resin.

In his presentation, RAFI, represented by Hadi, Gunawan, and Rohani, encouraged UB-assisted villagers to keep trying to develop handicraft techniques using resin.

“In making resin crafts, it takes tenacity and high enthusiasm because the final product often fails due to blending technique errors, but this should not be used as an excuse to step back,” said Hadi.

Determined to improve the ability of the villagers to be self-reliant in developing their business potential, the team taught the correct resin making techniques and tricks to produce resin crafts that have high selling value.

There are two types of natural ingredients used in this training; pine fruit and fresh flowers. Pine fruit is from the forest in Sumbersari UB Forest which will be the main handicraft brand of this village besides coffee.

Meanwhile, flowers are from the residents of Sidomulyo Batu Village which will be developed into a craft so that they have more value and durable.

The Community Service Team involved in this workshop consisted of the DM Team of Tawangargo Village, Sumbersari Hamlet, UB Forest, which was chaired by Mangku Purnomo, Ph.D., and the Higher Education (DIKTI) Community Service Team of Sidomulyo Village which was chaired by Dr. Siti Asmaul Mustaniroh.

“In addition to streamlining time and cost efficiency, UB Service Team can learn from each other and see other potentials that can be developed from their respective villages to encourage the interest of residents in developing their abilities and natural potential,” said Dr.techn. Yusfan Adeputera Yusran, ST., MT.Ars., a member of the DM team from the Faculty of Engineering UB. (yay/mic)