Collaboration between BEM FISIP-iLitterless Increases Students’ Recycling Habits

Since Monday (13/5/2024), the Mini On-Boarding of iLitterless Recycling Station or often referred to as MOBI-RS has been present on the 1st floor of B Building, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Brawijaya.

The MOBI-RS procurement project is part of the Si Darling or FISIP Environmental Awareness work program. This work program is included in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Social and Environmental Affairs BEM FISIP UB 2024 which takes the form of providing rubbish bins and ashtrays around FISIP UB.

Ratu Aulia, Director General of Environment at the Ministry of Social and Environmental Affairs BEM FISIP UB 2024, revealed that public awareness about the environment is still not optimal, so there is the use of plastic bottles that are not recycled and careless rubbish disposal.

“This became our main focus so we came up with Si Darling. Therefore, Social and Environmental Affairs BEM FISIP UB is trying to provide real evidence, from the provision of trash cans, which is a collaborative project between BEM FISIP UB and iLitterless Indonesia,” she said, Tuesday (21/5/2024).

To increase FISIP students’ knowledge regarding environmentally friendly waste management, the Ministry of Social and Environmental Affairs BEM FISIP UB started procuring MOBI-RS from 13 May to 24 June 2024.

“In conjunction with placing the MOBI-RS, there were several ashtrays that we spread in the back gazebo and also accompanied by orange trash cans in the back gazebo which is our collaboration with Environmental Office (DLH) Pasuruan Regency. So, in addition to collaborating with NGOs to procure MOBI, we are also proposing sustainable collaboration talks with DLH. Procurement or assistance from DLH in the form of 3 trash cans with orange color and the logo of DLH and the Ministry of Social Affairs BEM FISIP UB,” continued Ratu.

Ratu also hopes that the provision of MOBI-RS can be an initiator in the recycling habit for Kawan Jingga and trigger other parties to increase awareness in terms of sustainability for a more sustainable and preserve environment. (Fazlar/FISIP PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)