Health Cluster of MBKM Semeru UB Provides Mitigation and Disaster Risk Training

Disaster mitigation not only discusses the potential and anticipation of natural disasters that may occur, but also discusses how to prepare communities that may be affected to be able to survive when disasters occur. This is what the health cluster of the Independent Learning program, Independent Campus Semeru, Universitas Brawijaya does.

For two days, five students from this cluster strengthened disaster mitigation for the community in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency. Training participants receive material related to health during a pandemic from academics and practitioners to strengthen basic skills in dealing with disasters.

According to Victoria Maya Kurniawati as the cluster representative, this activity received positive appreciation from local village officials. “This training was attended by representatives of village officials, heads of hamlet, representatives of Village-Owned Enterprises, PKK representatives, health cadres and representatives from each hamlet,” he explained.

The materials provided included nutrition during a disaster from the Faculty of Health Sciences, about basic life support and splint dressing materials and the evacuation process using ambulance from the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, there is also material on psychological first aid and family resilience in dealing with earthquakes. “During these two days, the participants received materials, practices and discussions on disaster risk analysis. The participants also hope that similar materials can be given to local residents to anticipate the fall of victims during disasters,” explained this student of the 2019 Medical Study Program.

In addition to strengthening disaster mitigation, the health cluster has also organized various activities such as classes for pregnant women, classes for toddlers, Posyandu for toddlers and the elderly, to counseling to UKS cadre for students of SMP 1 Pronojiwo. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]