KKNT DM Help Ledug Coffee Trade Unit to Create Company Quality Management System

Visit of Field Supervisor, Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST., MT to the Partner Location in Pasuruan

The KKN-T DM group of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) helps Ledug Coffee Trade Unit, which is located in Pasuruan, to implement the company’s Management System. This activity aims to improve the quality of local coffee products.

The KKN-T DM team provides support to Ledug Coffee Trade Unit in product development, especially packaging renewal, provides packaging vendor recommendations tailored to partner needs, provides assistance in submitting HACCP certification, assists in the preparation of SOP, SSOP, and GMP documents as well as business profile creation.

This activity has an output in the form of procurement of production process equipment and the establishment of cooperation between Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and Ledug Coffee Trade Unit partners.

The head of Mitra Karya Tani (MKT) farmer group, Widi Prayitno, welcomed the KKN-DM program activities carried out by LPPM UB.

According to Widi Prayitno, the training in making HACCP certification documents will have a good impact on Ledug Coffee Trade Unit in marketing their products both domestically and abroad.

The Doctoral ServiceTeam consists of Sri Palupi Prabandari, SE., MM., Ph.D (Lecturer of Management), Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST. MT. (Industrial Engineering Lecturer) as Field Supervisor (DPL), Jaya Mahar Maligan, STP. MP (Lecturer of Food Science and Biotechnology) as supervisor and advisor, and the KKN-DM team of 15 students from the Department of Industrial Engineering, the Department of Entrepreneurship Study Program Management, and the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology.

The KKN-DM group is also supported by postgraduate students, including Dunga Dwi Barinta, SE (master of management) and Irma Kurniasari, SE (master of management). [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]