KKN-DM UB Team Assisting Disgusting but Promosing Industry

KKN-DM UB Team Assisting Maggot Cultivation Breeder to Try Chopper Machine

Real Work Lecture (KKN) –Doctoral Service (DM) Ub Team assisting SPKP Wana Jaya Lestari in Sarongan Village, Banyuwangi develop maggot cultivation. The activity began with team observations consisting of lecturers and students from 4 faculties namely FTP, FKH, FMIPA and FP.

DM activities were held in two villages namely Sarongan and Kandangan, Banyuwangi. In the two villages, activities that were held apart from observation included the socialization of technical guidance, handover and machine testing, manufacture of animal feed, manufacture of salted eggs, manufacture of biobriquettes, and IDM surveys.

Maggot cultivation can be harvested every day with a harvest capacity of 30-40 kg per day. The selling price of maggot per kilo is 5 thousand rupiah. So if it is calculated, then maggot breeders can earn around Rp. 4,500,000 – Rp. 6,000,000 per month.

UB provides a chopper machine or compost chopper which is used to chop agricultural waste materials to be used for maggot feed. Waste materials such as, coconut husk, dragon fruit plant stems or other materials. The chopper is diesel driven 8 PK and has static and dynamic blades in the chopping chamber. The capacity of the machine depends on the product that is chopped, where for coconut coir the capacity that can be achieved is around 120 kg/hour.

So far, SPKP has had difficulty in obtaining feed that is cheap and environmentally friendly. So far, feed from livestock manure does not provide sufficient nutrition for maggots. Maggot only gets 30 percent of the rest of the protein from the food eaten by livestock. In addition, if using manure feed will cause unpleasant odors in the surrounding environment. Meanwhile, if you use agricultural waste that is given directly without chopping it first, it will make the maggot wet so that the maggot can climb out of the breeding place.

“Currently, the price of feed is no longer increasing, but has ‘changed drastically’ from its normal price. So, many farmers have gone out of business,” said Ponidi as the head of the SPKP. He hopes that the machine assistance from UB can save the cost of feed.[team/siti-rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans.Iir]