The Second Day of KKM FT: VR 3 Opens the Activity, PJU Project Completed

UB Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Alumni and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, S.H., M.H., opened the 44th Student Work Camp (KKM) in Ketindan Village, Lawang District, Malang Regency today, January 23 2024.

VR 3 UB really appreciates this activity which has been an FT tradition for 46 years. He wants this early community service activity to be a good start for future service.

“Even though we have been absent for 2 years due to the pandemic, the essence of the 44th KKM activity hopefully becomes the soul of service that will make an even greater contribution in the future,” he said.

Artining S.Sos as Head of Ketindan Village also really appreciates and hopes that KKM activities will be carried out for the second time in Ketindan Village.

“The success of KKM in 2018 had a very good effect, provided benefits, and achieved various positive things for Ketindan,” said Artining.

After the opening ceremony of the VLIV KKM, all university leaders and village officials symbolically planted trees in Ketindan TRAD (Organized, Neat, Natural and Village) area.

Trees that were then planted in Ketindan TRAD area by participants included Tabebuya, Walnut, Genitri, Mundu, Bisbull, Gayam, Cinnamon, and Kepel, as well as various ornamental plants.

Apart from reforestation, KKM XLIV Putra participants also carried out road repairs (paving), land drainage improvements, bridge construction and public road lighting installations.

Alhamdulillah, this afternoon the installation of PJUs with 10 solar panels has been completed,” said the person in charge of PJU installation, Eka Maulana, S.T., M.T., M.Eng., who accompanied him at the location.

The situation is different for female participants. Female students are divided into several activity points; Public kitchen with National Army supervision on duty, making handicrafts in the form of bags from packaged coffee packets, teaching at Lawang 3 Junior High School, and socialization on making Eco-Enzyme at Ketindan Village Hall.

For your information, the Engineering New Students Community Service activity, which was attended by 1,020 participants, will serve in Ketindan Village, Lawang District, Malang Regency, starting January 22 – 25 2024. The male students will work more on projects in the field, while the female students will carry out various outreach activities, teaching activities at school, and other social activities. (mic/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)