The Story of FISIP Alumnus Works as a Business Manager of Europe Football Club

FISIP alumni have spread across various sectors. Some have careers as politicians, businessmen, and some have pioneered careers as professional workers. One of them is done by alumni of the Department of Communication Science, Diani N M, who is currently serves a business manager for a football club on the European continent.

Public Relations of FISIP had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Diani during a visit to FISIP. But she apologized for not being able to name the club she currently works for.

“I apologize in advance because it is stated in the work ethic. I can’t say the name of the football club,” she said, Tuesday (28/6/2022).

Diani is currently in charge of the football club’s business manager for Southeast Asia and Oceania. So how did she start her career?

Diani admitted that it all started when she was active in the organization when she was still in college.

“During college, I also carried out organizational activities both in Indonesia and abroad. Networking during organization is useful for doing practical things like now how to manage marketing, how to handle the organization,” said Diani, who is now based in Hong Kong.

Diani also started her current position from the bottom. She started her career as a marketing staff and manager at a company in Jakarta.

“Then change companies at the current job. My job is to help companies with marketing and partnership activities in Southeast Asia and Oceania,” said the woman who currently works for a European club that has won the European Champions League five times.

With her current job, Diani is sure that other UB graduates can also do the same. He also gives tips, one of which is the competence of UB graduates who are recognized as good in various companies.

“Secondly, never give up because all work starts with the staff and then shows our performance,” he continued.

Meanwhile, for those who want to have a career abroad, Diani advised that everything can be done, one of which is the principle of learn by doing as well as being confident and willing to learn.

“Working abroad is not an easy thing but it is not impossible to do. The key is to be confident and keep learning,” she concluded. (Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)