Chairman of PERSADA Achieves the 2024 R Soeprapto Award From the Indonesian Attorney General Office

Photo of Dr. Fachrizal Afandi Receiving an Award from the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia, ST. Burhanuddin

Head of the Criminal Justice System Research Center, Brawijaya University, Dr. Fachrizal Afandi received the 2024 R. Soeprapto Award from the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia ST. Burhanudin, Thursday, (11/1/2024).

In addition to Fachrizal, there are four other people, namely the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Minister of PAN RB) Abdullah Azwar Anas, S.Pd, S.S., M.Si., Head of the Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (Head of BPKP) Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Ateh, Governor of Jambi Dr. H. Al Haris, S.Sos., M.H. and Iip D. Yahya Researcher in the History of the Indonesian Attorney General Office.

Burhanudin said that Fachrizal was the only academic who received the award because of his contribution of thought and scientific studies in the context of strengthening institutions and the duties and functions of the Prosecutor’s Office in the field of prosecuting criminal cases. Since 2023, Fachrizal Afandi, who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University, has been asked to become an expert attorney general. Fachrizal was involved in formulating policies at the Attorney General’s Office after the ratification of Law 11/2021 concerning the Prosecutor’s Office and also Law 1/2023 concerning the Criminal Code.

Fachrizal’s interest in conducting research on the Attorney General’s Office began when he started his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law, Leiden University, Netherlands. His dissertation entitled ‘Maintaining Order: Public Prosecutors in Post Authoritarian Countries, the Case of Indonesia’ was supervised by Prof. Adriaan Bedner and Prof. Jan Crijns which was examined by Prof. Ward J. Berenschot from Universiteit van Amsterdam, Prof. Topo Santoso from the University of Indonesia, Prof. Melissa Crouch from the University of South Wales Australia, Prof Maartje van der Woude, Prof David Henley and Prof Jeroen ten Voorde from Leiden University.

This dissertation is a study conducted over many years by Fachrizal in Indonesia regarding prosecutors/public prosecutors in the criminal justice system in Indonesia. Some of the findings of Fachrizal’s dissertation have helped the Prosecutor’s Office in formulating policies related to institutional and procedural law procedures, including helping to rediscover the history of the prosecutor’s professional organization which, since the Extraordinary National Conference of the Indonesian Prosecutors Association (PJI) in April 2022, has returned to using the abbreviation PERSAJA with its birthday being May 6, 1951 The findings of Fachrizal’s dissertation also inspired the Prosecutor’s Office to formulate his birthday on September 2 1945 to coincide with the inauguration of the First Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Gatot Taroenamihardja.

After returning to campus, Fachrizal continued to carry out research related to prosecutors and the criminal justice system through the Criminal Justice System Research Center (PERSADA UB) which he founded in 2015 and was also involved in several research studies and became a consultant in research related to the criminal justice system in Indonesia. In 2023 he was elected as General Chair of the Association of Teachers of Criminal Law and Criminology (ASPERHUPIKI) which focuses on developing the tridharma of higher education in the field of criminal law in Indonesia. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)