Head of Education Development Institute (LPP) Opens Disability Awareness Training

The Education Development Institute (LPP) Brawijaya University (UB) carries out Disability Awareness Training activities for UB education staff. The activity was held for two days, Tuesday to Wednesday (26-27/9) at Santika Hotel, Malang.

The activity was opened by the Head of LPP UB, Prof. Dr. Dr. Loeki Enggar Fitri. In his speech, the Head of LPP said that there are many universities that use UB as a benchmark in providing inclusive education. UB needs to continue to improve the quality of service and provide maximum encouragement to UB’s disabled students.

“As a pioneer in providing inclusive education in Indonesia, UB needs to continue to maintain and improve the quality of its services. The hope is that all students and prospective students with disabilities will feel optimal and satisfied while studying at UB. “They feel well served by UB,” explained the Professor at the Faculty of Medicine.

This activity was attended by 75 educational staff in UB. Representatives from various faculties and work units at UB consisting of front office service staff, security staff and laboratory staff.

It is hoped that various faculties and work units at UB will be able to provide good services for UB students with disabilities. Inclusive services are very important because more and more prospective students with disabilities want to continue their education at UB [pon/UB PR/ Trans. Iir].