The Chair of DPM UB and President of EM UB for 2021 Period are Inaugurated

Left- Right: The Chair of DPM UB, Fajar Nur Ramadhan Winandi, Vice President of EM UB, Juwita Wulandari, and the President of EM UB Moh. Ali Yafie.

Rector of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, AR., MS inaugurated the Chair of the Student Representative Council (DPM) and its 16 members, President of the Student Executive (EM), and the Vice President of Student Executive (EM), Tuesday (05/04/2021). The activity which was held online and offline at the 1st Floor of the Rectorate Building was attended by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and expert staff for Student Affairs, as well as the head of UB Student Affairs section.

Elected as the Chairman of DPM namely Fajar Nur Ramadhan Winandi (Faculty of Law 2018), President of EM, Moh. Ali Yafie (Faculty of Agriculture 2017), and Vice President of EM, Juwita Wulandari (Vocational 2018).

In his remarks, the Rector thanked the Chairman of DPM and the President of EM 2020 and his staff for the work and dedication to UB, and congratulated the Chairman of DPM and the President and Vice President of EM for the 2021 period. The Rector advised that DPM and EM UB to be oriented to improve UB’s quality, especially in the field of student affairs.

“UB has won second place in the national level clustering of student affairs released by the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020, but don’t be satisfied with second place, by the God willing, it can be done together,” said the Rector.

He added that the role of students is very important for UB progress. “When UB has the status of PTNBH later, one of the members of the Board of Trustees is a student. So it is expected that it can accommodate the aspirations of all students for UB progress, “he said.

The Rector also hopes that students can improve their achievements both at the national and international levels, so that they can improve UB reputation.

When met after the inauguration, the Chairman of DPM, Fajar Nur Ramadhan Winandi said, because of a change in the member composition, the first step for DPM was to focus on internal restructuring.

“Furthermore, to support the concept of state governmental study, DPM will emphasize more on EM supervision in the future. All commissions are in charge of supervision. Regarding the demands for the formation of new Student Activity Unit (UKM), we will also facilitate. So in addition to supervising, DPM will also assist EM in advocating for public services. So, after the internal restructuring, we will focus on external movements for both UB students and the national student legislature in general, “said Fajar.

In line with Fajar, the President of EM, Moh. Ali Yafie said, the first step is to do open recruitment, after that work in accordance with the vision and mission. He also conveyed the excellent programs that would be carried out, such as Affirmation Student Families, and Women’s Studies.

“Regarding the affirmation student family program, we will create a community with affirmation students as members. In this community each city and affirmation area is introduced, discussing problems, and increasing their resources. Meanwhile in the program of women’s study, women empowerment will be discussed, starting from the courage to speak up to fighting for justice, ”explained Moh. Ali Yafie.

This inauguration was validated by the Rector’s Decree Number 1155 Year 2021 concerning the Ratification of the Chairperson and Members of DPM UB for the 2021 Period, and Number 1154 of 2021 concerning the Ratification of the President and Vice President of EM UB for the 2021 Period. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]