UB Team Wins the 2023 P3FNI Scientific Competition

Carrying out a scientific work entitled “Snack Bar Innovation High in Fiber, Low in Calories, and Rich in Antioxidants Based on the Use of Local Mangrove Fruit (Sonneratia caseolaris) as a Healthy Snack Alternative”, the three teams of Brawijaya University students succeeded in eliminating 210 participants throughout Indonesia and won first place in the. Student Science Competition which is a series of national seminar activities and Congress of the Association of Indonesian Functional Food and Nutraceutical Activists (P3FNI) 21-23 November 2023.

This team succeeded in impressing the four judges consisting of Prof. Dr. Ir. Elfi Anis Saati, MP (Muhammadiyah University of Malang); Prof. Dr. Ing. Azis Boing Sitanggang, STP., M.Sc (IPB University); Dr. Lydia Ninan Lestario, MS. (Satya Wacana University Salatiga); and Dapin Narendra, S.TP. (CV Narendra Food) based on the results of the assessment of abstracts, full papers, product exhibitions, and presentations of their scientific work.

The three students are Gusti Ayu Made Devta Swijayanti (FTP UB 2020); Pradipta Widyo Nugroho (FPIK UB 2020) and Anitsa Rahmadhana (FPIK UB 2020). The three of them managed to get the highest points and were chosen as first place after successfully outperforming the other teams. In the scientific work presented, the “Bar Mangan” team presented a very interesting concept on how to develop a snack bar made from local mangrove fruit. The uniqueness of “Bar Mangan” lies in their high fiber content, low calories and richness in antioxidants, making it a healthy snack alternative for the public. Besides support a healthy lifestyle with high fiber content, it also has the potential to support the local economy through product development based on the potential of local natural resources.

This success reflects the commitment and dedication of “Bar Mangan”  team in presenting creative and sustainable solutions in the functional food sector. It is hoped that this achievement can inspire other students to continue to innovate in presenting solutions that have a positive impact on society.

Selected as second place in P3FNI Student Scientific Competition with the theme “Development of Functional Food based on Local Food Wisdom” was the IPB University team consisting of Brigitta Andien Alverina and Benediktus Primantyo Nugroho.

Meanwhile, in third place is Gadjah Mada University team consisting of Naily Zahrotun Arifah, Lintang Putri Aulia, Umi Rohmatin. Moreover, the team from IPB University was also selected as the best exhibition stand with members Lathifa Novianti Lyantin, Lies Nurwanti and Fidini Dian Pangestu who presented the work “LOCABLEND: Synbiotic Tempe Yoghurt with Local Multigrain Complete with Natural Cherry Fruit Sweetener as a Solution to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Indonesia.” [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]