FILKOM Student Affairs Launches PORSKI

Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya through the Student Affairs, created the Student Affairs Information Portal (PORSKI), this web-based page that is integrated with the google form feature.

The ideas of PORSKI came from Hermawan Dwi Putra, S.H., M.H as an educational staff for the student affairs department and guidance from Dyah Anggraeni, S.E as the Administrative Coordinator of FILKOM.

PORSKI is considered very helpful in the field of student affairs, especially during the current pandemic, making it easier for students to manage administrative files related to student affairs.

The purpose of PORSKI from the student side is to create a system for submitting data from students according to the standards set by the faculty. The data is stored neatly on the Google Drive, Simkatmawa, Sakip, and the Main Performance Index (IKU) as well as accreditation. In addition, from the side of student affairs department, it will make it easier to make reports on employee performance achievements and create time efficiency in the submission process to completion.

Meanwhile, from the student side is the creation of a student submission process, for example in registering and knowing the graduation queue so that students can know and monitor the progress of the graduation queue status at any time.

PORSKI also provides certainty or valid information regarding graduation information through the official website.

Hermawan conveyed that the idea to make PORSKI stemmed from the lack of announcing to students about the registration and process as well as information on the graduation queue on campus, so that students could not submit their graduation applications. Then the registration process is less efficient, such as the queue in the Hall of FILKOM building on the 6th floor every time there is an opening for graduation. With such a system, the administrative process in the student affairs department cannot run optimally since it has been delayed on other tasks. Due to the last pandemic period which made students unable to go to campus and take care of everything online. Hermawan also hopes that PORSKI is not only through the web but also can develop through mobile applications available on the Play Store or App Store so that it can reach students more broadly in the future.(drn/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)