Family and Friend Represent Receiving Diplomas of Two UB Graduates who had Passed Away

Mother of the late Rafi with the Dean of FP, Prof. M. Purnomo, S.P., M.Sc., Ph.D

An emotional atmosphere accompanied the Graduation Procession Period 11 Brawijaya University, Saturday (24/02/2024) at the Samantha Krida Building. There were two graduates who had passed away represented by family and friend to receive their diplomas.

The two graduates were Muhammad Rizki Rafiandhika, S.P (late) from the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, and Prayoga Avrian Wardana, S.Sos (late) from the Sociology Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

Muhammad Rizki Rafiandhika or usually called Rafi, was represented by his parents, namely his mother, Ir. Nunik Sri Andayani and his father Ir. Hadi Roseno, M.Sc to receive the diploma directly from the Rector of UB.

Rafi was accepted as an Agribusiness student at the Faculty of Agriculture UB, batch of 2014, through a route without tests, or the National Selection to Enter State Universities.

Mother of the late Rafi received a diploma from the Rector accompanied by the late’s brother.

His mother said that because he was the last of three siblings, Rafi was a very close figure to his mother. The deceased also had many friends, and even founded a cafe with his college friends.

“Because he was working, so his studies were a little delayed. And after finishing the thesis trial, he said ‘I am sorry mom, my assignment is finished’,” said his mother.

Rafi died on February 4 2023 due to an autoimmune disease. “Since he was a child, he have never been seriously ill, it happened so quickly, he was hospitalized for four days, then he went home and received outpatient treatment, but a few days later he complained of being sick again and he was brought to the ICU and passed,” said her mother.

Muhammad Rizki Rafiandhika, S.P (late)

Mother especially expressed her thanks to Rafi’s thesis supervisor, namely Dr. Rachman Hartono, S.P., M.P. with his kindness he has guided Rafi, even continuing to communicate with his family when Rafi was sick.

Rafi’s older brother, Nizar Rizki Firstyadhika, who was also present at the graduation, said that the late Rafi is a responsible, loving and caring figure towards his family.

“Even though he is the last child, he is never spoiled, he is very mature in dealing with everything. He also really loves his young nieces and nephews, often inviting them to play. “Even at the last moment of his life, he never complained of pain and troubled us all,” said Nizar.

Taking the Diploma of Prayoga Avrian Wardana, S.Sos (late) represented by his friend, Wignaya Saraswati

Meanwhile, the taking of Avrian Wardana, S.Sos ‘s diploma was represented by a fellow graduate, namely Wignaya Saraswati, since the deceased’s parents were unable to attend due to health problems.

Similar to Rafi, the late Prayoga, who is usually called Yoga, was accepted into Sociology, FISIP UB, also through the National Selection of Entering State University route in 2015. He comes from Banyuwangi, and is the son of Mr. Dwi Jaya Hadi Utomo, S.H and Mrs. Dewi Darmayanti, S.H.

As stated by Wignaya, Yoga in his daily life is a cheerful figure, always spreading positive energy to the people around him, persistent and full of enthusiasm in achieving his goals, Yoga is a child who really loves his family and those closest to him.

Friend of Prayoga Avrian Wardana, S.Sos (late) received a diploma directly from the Rector

“We were classmates and close friends from the thesis process to graduation,” said Naya.

Yoga died on April 29 2023 due to pneumonia. During college, he was also treated for gastric acid. [Irene/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]