Group 46 KKN-T FIA Provides Counseling on Digital Marketing for Dengkol Residents

A total of 19 students who are members of the Group 46 KKN-T of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) provides counseling to MSME actors in Dengkol Village, Singosari District, Malang Regency about Digital Marketing (20/6-18/7/2022).

The lack of understanding of MSME actors in Dengkol Village in taking advantage of opportunities and their unpreparedness to face challenges in the digital era turned out to be quite complex problems. This happens among MSME actors who still run their business traditionally or conventionally.

The lack of knowledge of MSME actors about technology makes the development of the MSMEs they run less than optimal. This causes the unpreparedness of MSME actors in facing challenges in this digital era.

To answer the above problems, group 46 through KKN-Tconducted digital marketing counseling through its flagship program entitled “Increasing Income and Optimizing MSMEs through Digital Marketing”.

In this activity, group 46 digitized population data with village officials. Students digitize the population master book, record data and include information about village government activities in the existing general administration book.

“Our second activity is to digitize public services. The village office requires the latest technology and applications in fast service and information to assist in serving the community in Dengkol Village. For this second activity, we create and utilize today’s technology, for example, such as WhatsApp Business, Google Forms and Autocrats to increase service effectiveness and efficiency,” he said.

KKN-T or known as Thematic Real Work Lectures is a learning experience for students to live in the community outside of campus. (*/Humas FIA/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).