Vocational Faculty Held Practitioner Teaching Activity for Graphic Design Study Program

The Vocational Faculty held Practitioner Teaching activities for the Graphic Design Study Program by inviting an experienced practitioner from 24Slides, namely Galan Hastoro Dwi Tunggal S.Sn. The activity took place at the 1st Floor of UB Dieng Vocational Faculty Building, Thursday (14/9/2023).

In this Teaching Practitioner event, Galan Hastoro Dwi Tunggal S.Sn. provides very interesting and informative material regarding the Basics of Layout for print media. This event was attended by 3rd semester Graphic Design students. The students who attended looked very enthusiastic and actively participated in the question and answer session, which made the class atmosphere more interactive.

Citra Dewi Megawati., S.Sn., MT. as a lecturer who teaches the Face Media course, said that the face media course is lacking according to her opinion, if the students only receive material from the lecturer. But they get material from practitioners that facial media is not only limited to layout, but can also move into various media and can develop layout techniques in the world of creative industry.

“The reason for choosing 24Slides as the organizer of this activity is because I think 24 Slides is an industry that is suitable to discuss layout, because they are an international industry that has branches in several countries and focuses on layouting slide themes in the Powerpoint application,” she said.

This activity is a positive step from UB Vocational Faculty in improving the quality of education and supporting the existence of MBKM in the Graphic Design Study Program, Vocational Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)