UB Forest Shop Offers the Sensation of Drinking Coffee with Natural Nuance

UB Forest Shop which is located at the foot of Mount Arjuno, gives a different sensation compared to coffee shops in general, which offers the sensation of drinking coffee with a natural nuance.

Since it is located in the middle of the forest, so visitors can enjoy the fresh air while sitting back and chatting.

“Hopefully, with the opening of Alas Coffee Shop, the community can use it to eliminate boredom from routine. If you sit here for about an hour, you will feel the breath of pure oxygen, “said the Director of UB Forest, Dr. Cahyo Prayogo.

Cahyo added that this effort was to utilize the forest without destroying it.

“Since the start of the construction of UB Forest-style canteen, the community has involved so that later they can use the forest area as much as possible without damaging the forest environment,” said Herman.

Educational background and Community Empowerment in forest areas are important points for UB Forest as KHDTK. With the existence of Alas coffee shop, it is hoped that there will be a management synergy with the residents and move forward together. Future planning of UB Forest will optimize existing assets and institutional arrangements.

Currently, in UB Forest, there are various types of production plants such as pine, mahogany and arboretum plants. In addition, UB Forest has conservation animals and various birds.

UB Forest can also be used by students for research, training and educational tours for the general public and UB academic community.

In addition, UB forest Alas coffee shop facilitates visitors with live music so it is expected to be more many visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

“So, we need to facilitate them to sit back and chat. At the same time, we hope that the coffee shop will be able to increase the cooperation of the residents in Sumber Sari environment,” said the Director of Academic Business Entity (BUA), Dr Herman Suryo Kumoro.

Alas Coffee shop is located at the location of UB Forest in Sumbersari Hamlet, Tawangargo Village, Karangploso, Malang Regency.

Menus offered there are Iced coffee milk for Rp. 15,000, Iced Coffee Milk Coco for Rp. 15,000, Americano at Rp. 12,000, Tubruk Coffee at Rp. 5,000, filtered coffee at Rp. 8,000, Coffee Milk at Rp. 10,000, and French Fries at Rp. 12,000. (Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).