KBM Al-Hadiid welcomes Ramadan with CERIA

Al Hadiid holds a breaking fast together for foster childrenAlthough Ramadan 1437 H of this year coincides with final exam (UAS/Ujian Akhir Semester), but it did not discourage enthusiasm of Al-Hadiid Muslim Family (KBM), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) to hold Gema Ramadhan Teknik (GRT).

GRT is Al-Hadiid’s annual event to fill Ramadhan with religious activities. The theme of this year GRT is CERIA “Cheerful Ramadan in Engineering” with Al-Hadiid.

“This year we hold GRT on weekend due to UAS, we don’t want to burden them with this activity. Let them finished their exam first, and then ask them to join in this activity,” said Masykur Huda, Al-Hadid chairperson, met at the Al-Hadid mosque, Thursday, June 23, 2016.

GRT lasted for three days, 17 to 19 June 2016. The first day was filled with Tahzin study (improving recitation skill of the Al-Qur’an properly and correctly), and Ngopi (Ngobrol Perkara Islam, Islamic talk).

The second day was filled with social events at Yayasan Putri Aisiyah, Dau, District of Malang. This social event was being realized in form of sharing experiences, how to maintain Islamic environment in campus life, fun games, and breaking the fast together.

Moreover, they shared donations of fresh money, food, clothings, and books to 22 foster children of Panti Aisiyah.

“We are also surprised that there are so many people participating. Not only active students, but also alumni. Whereas time to collect them is only in two days,” he explained happily.

The third or the last day filled with Daurah Qur’an and Tabligh Akbar. Divided into two sessions, the material before the Ashr filled with Introduction to Know Al-Qur’an by Ust Andri Kurniawan. Then, the second presentation was after Asr, they use this time to mostly discussed Q.S Al Hujurat verse 10-13 by Zahid Ust Hadromi.

Huda left a message, entering the month of Ramadan, students should enhance their sunnah deeds. Because all rewards of worship will be doubled. Sunnah could be equal to mandatory, compulsory worship will get even more than that.

Then, the Electrical Engineering student continued, Al-Hadiid already provided facilities, he hoped that students can enliven this activity.

“This activity actually made for all engineering students, not just members of the Al-Hadiid. Al-Hadiid is merely the executor, participants should be students outside Al-Hadiid. It was our great hope and desire,” he concluded. [and/mic/Humas UB]