Kasatgaswil East Java Densus 88: Terrorism Can Only be Exterminated through Quality Education

Kasatgaswil East Java Detachment 88 Kombespol Iwan Ristiyanto

We could have killed the perpetrators of crime or terrorism with all weapons, but the thought of terrorism is far more dangerous than just the perpetrators. This can only be eradicated through quality, dignified and humane education.

This was conveyed by the Head of East Java Regional Task Force Detachement 88 Kombespol Iwan Ristiyanto to 15,487 new students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Monday (14/08/2023).

He quoted Gus Iqdam’s words in one of his lectures. “Look for a teacher who can make your heart calm, and can cry because you realize a mistake, instead of plunging into anger and hatred,” said Iwan.

According to Iwan, acts of terror, vandalism and other crimes against humanity come from the wrong understanding of the perpetrators. Starting from the notion of intolerance, which gave birth to an attitude of radicalism, and resulted in acts of terrorism.

“Don’t let radical groups grow on this beloved campus because of a wrong understanding,” he said.

former member of the radical organization Arief Fathoni

On this occasion, Iwan invited former members of the radical organization Arief Fathoni to share with the new students.

Arief admitted that he was involved in a radical organization when he was a student at a state university several years ago.

‚ÄúRadicalism needs the support of many parties. It is important for students to maintain good communication with their parents or family, so they can avoid radicalism,” said Arief.

In addition, he suggested limiting access to social media that smells of hate speech or radicalism.

“We must be aware that the Republic of Indonesia and Pancasila are precursor products and are final, meaning they have become a national agreement that is widely accepted by the Indonesian people. This is the blessing of God’s grace for which we should be grateful, “he concluded. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]