The 2024 Election Campaign has Ended,  This is UB Academic’s Reviews

The 2024 election campaign has officially ended, last Saturday (10/2/2024). Before February 14, all parties undergo a quiet period. So, what is the assessment of Brawijaya University’s academics during the 2024 election campaign?

Head of UB Communication Science Department, Prof. Rachmat Kriyantono S.Sos., M.Si., Ph.D, assessed that in the 2019 Election there was only polarization caused by identity politics and much of it was constructed at the grassroots.

“Attribution politics emerged which divided the people into two large groups, cebong and kampret. However, this polarization does not have a serious impact on damaging democracy and our legal system,” he said, Monday (12/2/2024).

However, according to the lecturer who is familiarly called RK, the 2024 election is heating up since the source comes from elite circles.

“The main trigger is the President’s political attitude and behavior. The MK case, Gibran’s candidacy, the president’s statement that he can campaign, the DKPP decision which have raised the issue of the loss of ethics in political and democratic practice,” he explained.

From the perspective of Communication Science, RK assesses that the President as a political communicator has reduced public trust, namely that the public no longer believes that the election will take place without fraud.

“There are currently a lot of message inconsistencies being presented, both verbal and non-verbal message inconsistencies. For example, instructing officers to be neutral, but photos of the president with one of presidential candidates and political party are lined up in all regions,” he explained.

The author of the book Practical Communication Research Techniques considers strengthening key messages for candidate pairs 01 and 03 to strengthen their positioning.

“Because issues of ethics and neutrality create a polarizing position that 02 is the status quo candidate pair, the other candidate pairs are the opposition,” said RK.

Therefore, he believes that activities such as Desak Anies or Tabrak Prof have strong positioning to build an image that can change and improve people’s conditions.

Desak Anies and Tabrak Prof are a means of communication to build an image as candidate pairs who are populist and care about the people. There is a homophily factor, namely the suitability of the communicator’s message to the needs of the people, which makes communication effective. There is political education through discussions and sharing opinions with the people. The intellectual capacity, experience and communication capacity of a candidate pair are really tested in this campaign model,” continued RK.

Meanwhile, the mention of gemoy to samsul, according to RK, indicates candidate pairs with less capacity for ideas and less experience.

“However, it must be admitted that this gimmick can increase public awareness, but if our public is well literate, the situation will reverse,” he said. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)