UB Caravan Won the 1st Place of Fahmil Qur’an Branch at the 2023 MTQMN XVII

Para Kafilah foto bersama dengan Majelis Hakim Cabang Musabaqah Fahmil Qur’an MTQMN XVII Tahun 2023
The caravan took a group photo with Panel of Judges of Musabaqah Fahmil Qur’an Branch MTQMN XVII 2023

Brawijaya University (UB) caravan succeeded in winning 1st place in Musabaqah Fahmil Qur’an (MFQ) branch at the XVII National Student Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQMN) event in 2023. This competition was held at UBTV Studio Hall on Wednesday (8/11 /2023). UB team had to compete closely with other top teams, including Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, State University of Malang (UM) Malang, Hasyim Asy’ari University Tebuireng Jombang, Diponegoro University Semarang, and Muhammadiyah University Makassar.

Brawijaya University MFQ team managed to outperform its competitors in the final round. The team consisting of Ahmad Nabil Ali (FISIP 21- Communication Sciences), Alfyan Hidayat (FISIP 21- Psychology), and Ezzat Muhammad Al Mubarak (FEB 21- Islamic Economics) has shown extraordinary performance in this competition.

Before taking part in the competition, UB team had undergone a thorough preparation process, including being quarantined and receiving coaching since the end of June. They studied the question packages and strengthened team cohesion by providing support to each other.

Ahmad Nabil, one of the team members, expressed his gratitude to the parents, coaches, and Brawijaya University for the support they always provided during the preparation and competition process. This success is the result of hard work and prayer together.

On this occasion, the panel of judges gave an important message, namely that the winners should not feel arrogant, and the losers should not feel inferior. The spirit of brotherhood and sportsmanship must be maintained in this competition.

The results of the final round showed that the Brawijaya University Caravan managed to achieve the highest total score, reaching 1690 points. Followed by Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta with a total score of 1085 points, and State University of Malang which ranked third with a total score of 1020 points. 1st runner up is represented by a delegate from Hasyim Asy’ari University Tebuireng Jombang with a final score of 460, 2nd runner up with a final score of 445 is a delegate from Diponegoro University, and 3rd runner up gets a final score of 410 as a delegate from Muhammadiyah University Makassar.

This victory is proof of the brilliant achievements of Brawijaya University Caravan in the 2023 MTQMN event. Congratulations to the team and all parties who have contributed to this achievement. Hopefully this success can be an inspiration for other students to continue to excel at national and international levels. (WDD/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)