Batik Design Winner, Another Side of UB Electrical Engineering Laboratory Assistant

Mulyadi ST, 50, laboratory assistant (PLP) of Electronics Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) is known as a quiet, outgoing, and experimental person.

Who would have thought, this father of two children succeeded in winning the National Batik Design in the framework of the 2020 PLP Indonesia Association (Persatuan Pranata Laboratorium Pendidikan Indonesia, PPLPI) Anniversary.

He called his work Batik Zugabbal. Uniquely, the batik design also includes pictures of tools in the lab such as microscopes as a motif to make it different from ordinary batik.

“PPLPI is a new organization which members are laboratory assistants from various fields of science. It still goes for six years and does not have its own unique batik that can be used when there are PPLPI activities,” explained Mulyadi.

At the peak of PPLPI’s 6th Anniversary on Friday, August 28, 2020, this father of two children was announced as the winner. For this victory, the man who was born in Malang, May 26, 1970, felt proud.

“Of course, proud, because my hobby since elementary school is finally able to create batik made by faculty of engineers that can be used later for PPLPI activity nationally,” said Mulyadi, who has worked at UB since 1991.

UNESCO has established batik as a cultural heritage. In the Batik Zugabbal design, there is a PPLPI logo shining with high hopes or aspirations that the PPLPI organization will continue to succeed at national and international levels and always strive for scientific and technological advancement in all fields.

There is also a picture of Garuda Pancasila, which is the national emblem of Indonesia with the motto of Unity in Diversity.

Then there is the PPLPI motif which means a circular gold yellow scarf with the inscription of the Education Laboratory Institution Association so that PPLPI will continue to unite with all professional organizations in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the red shawl with three ends coming out of the PPLPI logo is the PPLPI’s main goal. That is carrying out the Tridharma of higher education including education, research, and community service.

Then there is the laboratory symbol in general as a characteristic that PPLPI is inseparable from the laboratory.