Jelang New Normal, UB Ajak Maba Adaptasi

Prof. Unti Ludigdo

The ability to adapt during a pandemic is needed in all fields, including in the field of education. In the new normal era, there are many problems that need to be resolved. As stated by the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Planning, Prof. Dr. Ir. Moch. Sasmito Djati, M.S in virtual to new students.

In his presentation on the Implementation of Tri Dharma in the New Normal Era, planning for new things is needed. “So when we are beyond what we are good at, we have to think about how this normality should be carried out. New normal is a new balance after natural stress occurs, which causes many adjustments and changes in life, in this case stress due to Covid-19, “said the Professor from FMIPA.

There are two important things to think about when dealing with a pandemic, he said. “First, are you ready to die for that? Or are you ready to cooperate with this pandemic? Our choice, in my opinion, is to work together in the new normal, ”explained the alumni of UKM Perisai Diri.

In running the new normal, campus needs to make adjustments. “The implementation of virtual learning cannot run perfectly. Therefore, UB has prepared many things, assistance with quotas, made rules and guidelines for the new normal. The implementation of education in tertiary institutions must be flexible, but must have a belief in a bright future, “he explained.

The new normal, he added, is as simple as maintaining distance, washing hands diligently, understanding physical conditions before deciding to travel and adapting to simple but obligatory things as a form of mutual awareness. “UB has also implemented rules related to the new normal, which must be done before entering the campus,” explained the lecturer of FMIPA.

In line with Sasmito’s presentation, the Head of Implementation Facilitation Monitoring Team of Resilient Campus, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, S.E., M.Si (Ak) also explained the importance of health and safety priorities for students, lecturers and educational staff.

“The principle of its implementation is through Rector’s Regulation number 35 of 2020, UB Resilient Campus is held with the principle of prioritizing health and safety, justice, virtue, benefit, effectiveness and efficiency and responsibility,” he said. The implementation of Resilient Campus covers the academic level, financial administration and student affairs. In this framework, it is necessary to understand that there are 3 stages, namely the strict response period, the transition to the new normal and the new post-pandemic normal.

“Recognizing the possible situation of oneself and others during a pandemic is also important in preventing a pandemic. Prevention of covid-19 at the community level is carried out in various forms, online academic implementation, being able to refrain from crowding and diligently wearing masks are some examples, “explained the man who once served as Dean of FISIP UB.

To the new student participants, Unti emphasized staying at home and ensuring good connections for the smooth running of the lecture process. “So that the learning situation at home remains conducive and understand the lecture material well,” he concluded. [VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]