Approaching Hybrid Lectures, FISIP Prepares Healthy Room

Universitas Brawijaya will hold a hybrid lecture starting February 7, 2022. The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP UB) has prepared all the preparations for health protocols, one of which is preparing healthy room.

The head of FISIP UB Covid-19 Task Force, Yusli Effendi said that the healthy room was established to anticipate the presence of academics, both lecturers, education staff or students who were indicated by Covid-19 symptoms.

“Ahead of this hybrid lecture, of course, we prepare all the procedures. One of them is a healthy room that was requested by the university leadership. If there are symptoms, such as fever, we will quarantine them first in this healthy room,” he explained to the Public Relations of FISIP UB, Monday (31/1/2022).

Yusli explained that the suspect, who had Covid-19 symptoms, would later wait in a healthy room while waiting for the Health team to carry out an antigen/pcr swab.

“Furthermore, if it is confirmed, it will immediately be quarantined in UB Hospital. So this healthy room is very important for temporary quarantine so that Covid-19 does not spread, “he said.

The man who is also a lecturer in International Relations of UB, explained that FISIP has prepared other equipment for the means of progress before hybrid lectures, such as a thermogun, hand sanitizer in each class. As well as an appeal to maintain health procedures in every corner of the building.

“This is a form of our effort to maintain progress so that hybrid lectures can still be carried out and do not create new clusters,” continued Yusli.

In FISIP UB itself, a barrier has begun to be installed in the gazebo which is usually used as a gathering place for students so that they are not occupied. Likewise, an appeal in front of the elevator so that the queues keep up the process.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FISIP UB, Dr. Sholih Muadi, revealed that the policy of closing several places before hybrid lectures was carried out so that students after lectures did not gather in groups and were advised to go home immediately.

“If there is an event, it will be coordinated by the Task Force and of course there will be a limit on the number,” he said.

Furthermore, Sholih Muadi added that the access and exit of lecturers and students during hybrid lectures was also distinguished so that there would be no accumulation.

“At the entrance, hand washing is provided. Students and lecturers are required to check the temperature. We also prepare hand sanitizer in each room,” he continued.

Meanwhile, regarding the readiness of FISIP UB approaching hybrid lectures, Sholih Muadi stated that his party has prepared 35 classrooms for lectures.

“Later on, 50 percent of this hybrid lecture will be in the college building, 50 percent will be online. In each class, tracking cameras are also prepared, laptops in class, iPads for lecturers and the rooms must be open so that the air circulation is good,” he concluded. (aim/Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)