Approaching the 60th Anniversary, UB Held Inter-Faculty Football Competition

In commemoration of the XII UB Lustrum, the Vocational Faculty held a series of events, one of which was a football competition. This friendly match was held in UB Dieng Field, on Wednesday (02/11/2022) and was opened by the Dean of Vocational Studies, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, Ak along with the leadership of UB.

“The XII Lustrum activity has a series of agendas from sports, thought and exercise activities. The sports are plastic football, then table tennis, football will be held at the Dieng campus, while tennis will be held at the Veterans Campus.” said Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, Ak

“Then we will do sports, so we will hold a TikTok competition on campus, and also do tree planting which will be held on Dieng Campus and in the South Malang area. There are also healthy walks and music concerts that bring in the Maliq & D’Essentials group,” he continued.

“Besides, there is also a health screening activity for the civitas with the target of 10,000 UB citizens,” he added.

The first match of football competition began with a game between the Faculty of Administrative Sciences against the Graduate School, and started with a kick off by Unti. (Humas UB/ Trans.Iir)