UB Breaks MURI Record for Early Detection of Heart Attack

Universitas Brawijaya at the age of 58 years, is commemorated by holding a virtual health seminar, as well as commemorating World Heart Day, by breaking the MURI record and launching the application DETAK “Beware of Heart Attack” which was held online. Sunday, 4/10/2020.

The DETAK application is the first application in Indonesia that helps directing patients with heart disturbance. Users will receive heart treatment recommendations also helping medical personnel to reduce the emergence due to heart disease.

“This application helps public whether it is real heart disease or not. Most patients do not understand what they feel when they start to experience symptoms of illness, and are even confused about making decisions about where to go for treatment, ”he said.

Treatment recommendations will be provided after users report the symptoms. In addition, DETAK is also equipped with drug consumption reminders for users.

With this DETAK application, it is hoped that heart patients can be treated quickly and not late.

Besides helping users, a similar system has also been developed at the Health Center to help medical and health personnel providing appropriate treatment for heart disease sufferers.

“By using this application, it is the same as seeing me, and avoiding patients from seeing the wrong doctor”, added the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Medicine UB.

The launch of this application also won the MURI record and was appreciated by Jaya Suprana as the founder of the Indonesian Record Museum.

“Thank you to the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya which has initiated this very important activity. The Indonesian Museum of World Records conferred the record for the use of the application for Early Detection of Heart Attacks with the highest number of high-risk participants to the Cardiovascular Study Group, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya, “said Jaya.

Early detection of heart attacks involved 50 general practitioners and specialists in heart and blood vessels as well as community networks in the areas of Malang, Blitar, Lamongan, Pamekasan and South Kalimantan. There were 1031 registered users at the time of launching this application.

The launch of this application begins with a heart exercise simultaneously through communities in several areas fostered by alumni of Cardiovascular Specialist Program UB, followed by health seminar on heart disease.

The health seminar entitled “Vigilance and Preparedness for Heart Attacks” was delivered by UB cardiologist, Prof.dr. Mohammad Saifur Rohman, SpJ (K), Ph.D. This seminar aims at providing an explanation to the public about the signs, symptoms, and what to do in the event of a sudden heart attack. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)

  From Berita UB