Jelajah Tani Brawi]jaya 2024: Inbound Mobility Program of the Students of UPM Malaysia at the Faculty of Agriculture UB

The Faculty of Agriculture is carrying out “Jelajah Tani Brawijaya 2024” program which is an implication of collaboration between the Faculty of Agriculture and University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

The opening ceremony, which took place in the Senate Hall, was attended by Prof. Mangku Purnomo, S.P., M.Si, Ph.D., Dean of FP UB, who officially inaugurated this program. Also present were Dian Islami, M.Pd., Head of the International Relations Office (IRO) at FP UB, and the leader of UPM delegation.

Prof. Mangku Purnomo conveyed this program reflects the Faculty of Agriculture’s commitment to creating a globalized learning environment, and believes that students from UPM will benefit not only academically but also personally from the experience of this program.

Jelajah Tani Brawijaya 2024 is not just an academic exchange; This is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the diversity of Indonesian culture. We believe that similar programs make a significant contribution to our students’ global perspective and enhance the overall learning experience,” said Mangku.

Throughout the duration of the program, international students from UPM will participate in a variety of activities, including lectures, practicum sessions, workshops, and cultural orientation sessions. These activities aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of agricultural practices in the Indonesian context while fostering cross-cultural understanding.

“In addition, this program will not only provide academic exposure but will also feature cultural trips and interactive sessions to facilitate a deeper understanding of the host country. This initiative is proof of the Faculty of Agriculture’s commitment in advancing global partnerships and promoting a holistic approach to education,” said Mangku. (zma/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)