Fast Track Registrant Of Fapet Is The Most In UB

Universitas Brawijaya, as a step to increase ranking at the international level, opens a fast track program. Namely the acceleration program for undergraduate students (S1) to continue the Masters Program.

The conditions for joining the program are UB students with an active status, currently taking six semester, have taken a minimum of 110 credits at the end of the fifth semester, a minimum GPA of 3.25 with a minimum score of B, a TOEFL score of ≤ 450, get a recommendation from a lecturer with a doctoral degree with an academic lowest position is lecturer; and obtain the approval and ability to finance education from parents / guardians and / or other parties.

Meanwhile, the student study load of the Fast Track Program for semesters one and two is at a minimum of 14 credits. Since the registration which was opened from May to July 2020, 218 participants have been registered in each Faculty.

Based on the data from UB Rector Announcement letter number: 7063 / UN10.A01 / PP / 2020, the Faculty of Animal Science has the most enthusiasts in UB, with 47 registrants. Followed by Faculty of Agriculture (28 registrants), Faculty of Administrative Sciences (25 registrants), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (23 registrants), Faculty Culture Studies (21 registrants), Faculty of Law (19 registrants), Faculty of Economics and Business (16 registrants ), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (12 registrants), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (9 registrants), Faculty of Agricultural Technology (6 registrants), Faculty of Communication Science (6 registrants), Faculty of Engineering (4 registrants), Faculty of Medicine (1 registrant).

Hearing this, Dr. Tri Eko Susilorini as the Head of Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB Masters Program, welcomed it enthusiastically. According to her, the increasing number of Postgraduate Program students will increase scientific publications in UB, so that it can also increase UB ranking both nationally and internationally. (dta / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)