UB Lecturers Produce Dipped Red Ginger Coffee with Trenggalek SME

BUMDesma Sari Bumi is one of the business entities that processes fresh red ginger into simplicia. The production of simplicia is able to increase the income of farmers in Pule Village, Pule District, Trenggalek Regency by 10-20%.

However, with the increase in economic value it also creates new problems. It turns out that red ginger simplicia production activities do not always produce A quality products, it turns out that small size B quality simplicia is also produced.

A-quality ginger simplicia already has a permanent market, namely PT. Bintang Toedjoe, while B quality ones are still piled up in the BUMDesma warehouse. This is a great opportunity for the Brawijaya University Doctoral Service (DM) team to provide solutions to overcome BUMDesma Sari Bumi’s problems.

This service activity is a continuation of the previous year, where in 2022 UB DM team consisting of Prof. Imam Santoso (TIP-FTP), Dr. Nanang Suryadi (FEB), Dr. Siti Narsito Wulan (THP-FTP), and Prof. Mangku Purnomo, PhD (FP) has assisted BUMDesma Sari Bumi in processing subgrade red ginger simplicia into instant powder form that is ready to be brewed.

The instant red ginger product is one of the products popular with BUMDesma consumers. Seeing this potential, in 2023 the DM UB team will develop a dipping premix red ginger drink product.

This dipping premix drink consists of dipped red ginger chocolate and dipped red ginger coffee. This product is packaged using tea bags as primary packaging, and aluminum standing pouches as secondary packaging.

This Doctoral Service activity aims to reduce the amount of red ginger simplicia piling up in warehouses. In addition, it is also hoped that it will be able to increase BUMDesma Sari Bumi’s income through products that have selling value. Strengthening BUMDesma Sari Bumi is also carried out through the use of digital marketing platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and the BUMDesma Sari Bumi website.

During activities in the field, this DM activity also involved 6 KKN students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University. Activities will be carried out offline starting on July 2 2023 and ending on July 31 2023. All BUMDESma strengthening programs are carried out collaboratively. Furthermore, UB students are also actively involved in assisting the marketing of BUMDESMA Sari Bumi products. The 2023 Doctoral Service activities are targeted to have a positive impact through increasing product diversification and marketing management of BUMDESMA Sari Bumi. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)