Implementation of MoU between FMIPA UB – Osaka University

As an implementation of the MoU that was signed between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and the School/Graduate School of Engineering Science Osaka University in 2021, the Dokar’s Tam of Chemistry Study Program paid a visit to Osaka University. This Dokar activity is the implementation of cooperation and advanced programs in the field of education between the two institutions. It is hoped that with bench marking activities and curriculum preparation, learning and chemistry graduates can compete and have global standards.

In addition, this Dokar activity supports the achievement of the main performance indicator (IKU-3), namely increasing the quality of the curriculum and learning for the Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program by collaborating with QS 100 higher education partners, through lecturers carrying out activities outside the campus. Another IKU with this DOKAR activity is the fulfillment of IKU 6, namely study program collaborating with world-class partners through joint curriculum development, in terms of designing output, content and learning media. Furthermore, at IKU 2, namely students doing activities outside campus, with the opportunity for students in the Bachelor of Chemistry Study Program to study or MBKM at a partner, namely at Osaka University.

The visit is realized in the form of an IA (Implementation of Agreement). The activity in IA that is realized is ICT (International Credit Transfer), between undergraduate Chemistry students from UB and the School of Engineering Science, Osaka University. The implementation of ICT is also a manifestation of MBKM Universitas Brawijaya. In this ICT, students from UB Chemistry can take 1 semester of study at Osaka University in certain course, and the course taken can be converted into the course in the bachelor of Chemistry study program’s curriculum.

The visit of the Dokar team of Undergraduate Chemistry study program was held from 31 October to 3 November 2023. In signing the IA document, UB Dokar team of Chemistry was represented by the Dean of FMIPA UB, Mr Ratno Bagus Edy Wibowo, Ph.D, and Osaka University was represented by Prof Nobuyuki Matubayasi . The Dokar team of Undergraduate Chemistry study program was represented by Anna Safitri, Ph.D, Yuniar Ponco Prananto, Ph.D, Dr. Sc. Siti Mariyah Ulfa, and Dr.Sc. Lukman Hakim. During this visit, a visit was also made to the laboratory facilities owned by the School/Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, Japan. [fmipa/pon/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]