UB Communication Studies and  University of Queensland Renew Collaboration, Students Can Get Involved

UB Department of Communication Studies and the University of Queensland officially renewed the collaboration between the two parties. In the previous cooperation, there were three areas that were collaborated namely Collaborative research, Academic exchange and Double degree.

In the renewal agreement activities there is one additional point, namely Academic staff development. The Head of the Communications Studies Department, Prof. Rachmat Kriyantono, assessed that the harmonious relationship between the two parties must continue.

“There is a harmonious relationship between the Department of Communication Studies and the University of Queensland, especially Ms. Elske. Hopefully, this renewal agreement is expected to enable FISIP and the Department of Communication Studies in particular to be able to achieve the target of being able to cooperate with international parties,” he said, Thursday (22/12/2022).

With the renewal of this collaboration, the activities will not only be attended by lecturers from the Department of Communication Studies, but also students. Even lecturers and students from across disciplines can also be involved.

One form that will soon be carried out is a research collaboration with Prof. Elske van de Fliert from the University of Queensland. This research wants to examine the Digital Platform Transaction used by village people who work as farmers. This research will also collaborate with two other universities in Lombok and Lampung.

It is planned that this research collaboration will begin in June 2023 and will be completed in 2024.

“With this project, we will get information about the extent of the community’s condition and readiness for the use of digital platforms in Indonesia, as well as the relationship between digital platforms and community empowerment. It is hoped that with this research formulations can also be found that can facilitate the community in adapting to digital platforms,” Head of the Bachelor of Communication Studies Study Program, Diyah Ayu Amalia SE., M.Sc.

Not only research, but the collaboration between the two institutions was also immediately realized in the form of a workshop on Communication for Social Change. This workshop aims to provide an understanding of CSC (Communication for Social Change). The explanation begins with an overview of Development Communication which is also divided into two concepts, namely Communication Development and Communication for Development.

In fact in this workshop, the drafting of the book was immediately carried out by the participants, namely 15 UB Communication Science lecturers.

“This activity aims to deepen understanding of the concept of social change in the realm of communication science. The discussion with Prof. Elske van de Fliert ran dynamically and was able to raise the thoughts of all workshop participants. Participants also have the same perception of social change and are compiling an outline of a book on social change,” said the Secretary of the Department of Communication Studies, Reza Safitri., Ph.D. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]