Student Election Result of TIIK 2015

Ahmad Baihaqi (the rightmost) along with two former BEM TIIK PresidentsStudent election at Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) 2015 or abbreviated as “Pemilwa TIIK 2015) to choose President and Vice President of Executive Agency and also Student Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa/DPM) has been successfully organized on Tuesday (22/Dec/2015). By lifting the spirit of independent, synergy, democratic, educative and normative (INSIDEN), in recent Pemilwa TIIK, two couples of President and Vice President candidates who nominate themselves are number 1 couple named Ahmad Baihaqy (Information System/2013) and Wiratama Pramasatya (Informatics/2013) and also number 2 couple named Afrizal Rivaldi (Informatics/2013) and Enrico Dima D. (Information System/2013). Meanwhile the listed prospective candidates are mounted around 12 students from year or department representation.

Of the 1,014 ballots that enter, 642 of them choose number 1 couple, 323 ballots choose number 2 couple. Meanwhile 49 ballots for President and Vice President couple candidates are not legitimate. Meanwhile of the 12 DPM candidate totally, chosen 9 members of DPM with the largest ballot, meanwhile invalid ballot for DPM member candidate of TIIK 2016 around 42 ballots.

Congratulations for the chosen of BEM TIIK President and Vice President and also DPM members period of 2016. Congratulations on duty and contribute.[dna/Humas UB/trans. Denok]

The following are chosen candidate-names list:


Presiden BEM TIIK 2016


Ahmad Baihaqy (Informatics System/2013)

Wakil Presiden BEM TIIK 2016


Wiratama Pramasatya (Informatics/2013)

Anggota DPM TIIK 2016


1.       Ernesto Persada (Information System/2013): 88 ballots

2.       Terbit Reformator (Informatics/2014): 101 ballots

3.       Istania Salma (Information System/2014): 146 ballots

4.       Noor Dwi (Information System/2013): 117 ballots

5.       Suprianto (Computer System/2014): 61 ballots

6.       Andre Rizal (Informatics/2014): 150 ballots

7.       Afifur Rozaq (Informatics/2013): 29 ballots

8.       Falih Gozi (Informatics/2014): 106 ballots

9.       Rando (Computer System/2013): 43 ballots


Source: official line PTIIK’s Student Press Agency “Display”



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