Communication Science Launches ‘Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan’

The Department of Communication Science, FISIP Universitas Brawijaya officially launched a new branding for one of the thematic villages in Malang City. They named this branding Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan.

The launch was carried out on the 7th floor of C Building FISIP UB, Monday (14/3/2022). Secretary of the Department of Communication Science, FISIP UB, Reza Safitri Ph.D, said that this program is a form of Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) which is carried out by 12 Communication Science students in collaboration with Nava+ and Indopol.

“This program is designed to increase the usefulness and relevance while at the same time aligning the development of science from technology that occurs in universities so that it is in line with meeting the needs or solving problems in the business world, industry and society,” she explained.

The alumnus of S3 Communication Science at Universiti Malaya stated that there were two programs being carried out, first with research with Indopol on how tourism behaves during Covid-19.

“Meanwhile, with Nava+, we provide assistance in the management and development of tourism, one of which was later introduced at this time, Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan,” she said.

The Dean of FISIP UB, Dr Sholih Muadi gave a speech at the launch of Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan. (Photo: Humas FISIP)

Then where did the Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan branding come from? Ignasius Seno, a student of UB Communication Science, explained that his party started by doing research on tourist sites in Malang Raya.

“And the result is that from the 176 respondents we netted, only 18.4% knew about Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan. Meanwhile, the majority of around 56.8% know more about colorful villages,” he explained.

“From 18.4% who knew earlier, they thought that Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan is a place that presents a vintage atmosphere, contains jadoel (old) characters, is traditional and is suitable as a selfie location,” continued the  student of 2019 babtch.

Based on the results of this research, UB Communication Science and Nava+ launched a new branding called Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan.

“There is a Retropolitan element in it because we want to give the spirit of vintage culture a creative collaboration that transforms and innovates culture,” said Ignasius Seno.

In addition, his party also wants to preserve the tradition of mutual cooperation which has added value in the tourism industry and the creative economy.

“We are also invigorating the romantic movement of the past by exploring various historical, aesthetic, multi-ethnic and cultural expressions that have been transformed into modern times,” continued Ignasius Seno.

To support this branding, the organizers of the activity have produced several other results, such as a website about Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan, a creative video competition that was attended by hundreds of participants, as well as producing a brand book about Kampoeng Heritage Retropolitan Kajoetangan.

Meanwhile, Mila, a representative of the Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan, appreciates the contributions that have been made, one of which is bringing up retropolitan branding in Kayutangan village.

“Hopefully this will bring blessings and gradually the things that have been proclaimed in the destination branding will go well,” she hoped. (Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)