The Last Day of IKA UB Jakarta Vaccination Center Collaborates with PSF and IDI EMT Reach 3000 Doses

Jakarta 16/8/2021 – The vaccination center in collaboration with IKA UB, Pancoran Soccer Field (PSF), and IDI EMT has officially ended. This vaccination acceleration program has been held since Monday, August 2, 2021 at PSF, South Jakarta for 10 days. There are more than 300 participants who registered through IKA UB link, while the total vaccination participants have more than 3000 people.

The registration process is quite easy and fast that becomes the attractions of the vaccine center in Jakarta. In addition, registration is not only through IKA UB link, but vaccine participants can also register through JAKI link and the head of the local RT. This suggests that the registration system, which collected together, is activating the vaccination campaign. The quota of vaccines per day is 500 doses, but there are some vaccine participants who have registered who do not pass the health screening, due to congenital diseases or covid survivors.

Alhamdulillah, during these 10 days the vaccination activity went well, thank you for the solid cooperation between IKA UB and PSF and EMT IDI, there are indeed some obstacles, but we can overcome them, this is the purpose of collaborating with many parties, so that we can get a solution together for the smooth acceleration of vaccination,” said Muhammad Ridho, Deputy Head of the IKA UB Jabodetabek Covid Task Force.

IKA UB has moved quickly to help overcome COVID-19 wave 2 since the beginning of July 2021. Various programs and activities were launched in an effort to stop the transmission line, and speed up the vaccination process. Starting from the program of providing healthy quarantine facilities, helping with logistics in the form of foodstuffs  for residents who are undergoing self-isolation, providing medical tele-consultation through appisoman which are accompanied by 43 young doctors and also 33 alumni nurses, to accelerated vaccination programs, both in Malang and Jakarta. .

“We stand by 24 hours for those in need, especially for Malang Raya. Until today, there are 350 people who use appsisoman IKA UB web, even the users also come from alumni who are abroad. IKA UB gotong royong vaccination in Malang Regency has reached 1000 doses of vaccine for phase I. Meanwhile the Jakarta’s vaccination, today we are closing with a total of more than 3000 doses of vaccine,” said Ahmad Sauqy, Head of IKA UB COVID Task Force.

The form of collaboration and mutual cooperation is always emphasized in the Acceleration of Vaccinations carried out by IKA UB to fight COVID-19. IKA UB is committed to inviting all of us to realize Indonesia Heal and win against COVID-19. Self- isolated patients who need direct monitoring from the medical team can access For people who want to support the program of IKA UB COVID Task Force, they can give their donations through BRI account number 18070100027763 on behalf of IKA UB Peduli and also through Kitabisa platform. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]