The First Halalbihalal of Alumni Association of Universitas Brawijaya After the Pandemic

Alumni Association of Universitas Brawijaya (IKA UB) and Faculty of Law Alumni Association (IKA FH) Universitas Brawijaya collaborated in organizing Halalbihalal Alumni event on May 28, 2022 at The Sultan Hotel Jakarta starting at 18.30 WIB. The culture of friendship wrapped in close gatherings between alumni in celebrating Eid this year invites all alumni in a hybrid manner. This Halalbihalal event with the theme of Gathering, Synergy and Collaboration for Indonesia was also broadcasted live through UB Official Alumni Association Youtube channel, so that alumni from outside Jakarta can still join and follow.

The event was opened by the Head of Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law (IKA FH), Didik Farkhan, stating that the theme was aimed at inviting all Alumni of Universitas Brawijaya together to show their work for Indonesia. It’s time for Universitas Brawijaya alumni to work together and collaborate to build Indonesia. Alumni of FH UB together oversee legal changes to develop Indonesia.

After two years of virtual friendship, face to face meeting is a moment that is greatly missed. Therefore, more than 300 people registered to participate in just a matter of days.

The Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Nufil Hanani, expressed his appreciation for the 2022 Halalbihalal Alumni event. The alumni gathering that continues to synergize and collaborate is very important for the progress of Universitas Brawijaya. The enormous potential and competence of alumni will continue to bring a good image to Universitas Brawijaya. Alumni who synergize and collaborate will create strong emotional bounding in the community.

The concept of the event is formal but can still involve participants to stay active is a unique thing. Messages to continue to strengthen the sense of family, care, and togetherness were felt in every part of the event. The number of door prizes distributed in this event shows the strong sense of unity of Universitas Brawijaya alumni.

The alumni who attended this event were more than three hundred people (300) consisting of the leadership of Universitas Brawijaya, the Academic Community of Universitas Brawijaya, alumni figures from Universitas Brawijaya and pre alumni across faculties and across generations of Universitas Brawijaya in Jabodetabek area. Enthusiasm was shown by the large number of participants who attended directly and actively participated during the event. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]